did you say nerd
Your name is DAVESPRITE, and you've given a whole new meaning to the term IDENTITY CRISIS.
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status: accepting magic anons
I’m going to throw a blanket on top of you.

no dont i might toss and turn and bend a feather

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giant woman lalonde

i pulled my head out of the freezer but i just fell back onto the couch

3 notes putting your head into a freezer for what an hour and a half not a good idea

rosette i fucking swear i will pull my head out of this freezer just so i can slam your head into a wall

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I wasn’t planning on it.

Seriously, though. I… ditched you. I mean, I have a couple good reasons but… I still feel horrible about it.

…I’ll figure something out.

oh i knooooow but you didnt plan on it before and you still ended up with four eyes
i just play it safe

and naw really its no big deal
im sure you had your reasons like you said
my wings got a little stiff but its nothing i couldnt work out

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(12:06:31 AM) NLTM: Here’s the deal:
(12:07:01 AM) NLTM: You get a free wish
(12:07:03 AM) NLTM: BUT
(12:07:18 AM) NLTM: All music you ever hear from that point on is replaced with touhou horns
(12:08:00 AM) Snowlerpowered: nah. i can’t do it

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Oh. I… uhh

Thank you. I haven’t found any yet so I think you should be good. You’re going to have to let me repay you or… make it up to you for vanishing.



just dont go on any dates with any lucifers that pop up with impeccable timing and thats about as even as i could ever call it

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I assume you were here for a while.

The entire place looks mostly untouched… unless I’m imagining things.

…which isn’t too far of a stretch.

oh yeah i was living there for about two
three weeks maybe?

your fridge should be full and i think i did a little house keeping
i kept mostly to the couch though so sorry about any feathers i missed

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Dynamite Roll and Avocado Roll [x]

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Were you… housekeeping?


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